St. Mark Coptic Orthodox Church is a Church dedicated to the venerated St. Mark, the founder of the Coptic Orthodox faith. Located in Prosper Texas, St. Mark Coptic Orthodox Church originally started in a Fire Station in Frisco before it was then located in a nearby library in McKinney. After a few months following this transition, the Church then relocated to a Lutheran Church where it stayed there for some time before it again advanced to a new location in one of the community Elementary schools. Following all of this, the Church finally managed to find a place that it could call its home, here at “Prosper United Methodist Church” where we plan to renovate the interior of the building and expand on this location officially allowing us to function as St. Mark Coptic Orthodox Church Prosper. The Church is dedicated to the aforementioned venerated St. Mark who served as an Apostle and was also one of the four Evangelists He is regarded by the Coptic hierarchy as the first of their unbroken 117 Patriarchs, and also the first of a stream of Egyptian martyrs. Our Church is directly influenced by this Saint in many ways, however, especially in the form of fellowship: Our Coptic Church enjoys a kind community that has foundations in a good rapport between everyone. Throughout our entire journey, our church has enjoyed an ever-expanding community.

For more information on the church faith, please refer to the Coptic Faith page.


To reach and influence the community by building relationships that is Christ-centred and Bible-based to empower people to lead and impact their lives.


To provide a comprehensive Biblical and theological education to encourage spiritual growth and equip leaders to help others grow spiritually.


To bring people to Jesus and membership in his family, develop them to Christlike maturity, and provide uplifting messages of hope and love.